Christie Behind the Scenes (3 min)

Edit 2017: You can find the Christie Behind the Scenes video here (long version). The rest of the links on this page are old and probably broken but I leave them here in case they magically get fixed.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I filmed, edited and directed this behind the scenes documentary for the Christie internet comedy video series.

A few days into shooting the series we got a phone call from the producers at saying they wanted a behind the scenes video. I was working as a production assistant at the time and a Sony Z1 camera was thrust into my hands. I shot whenever I could between other duties on set. If the series goes viral I may release more clips.

I snatched the interview at the end of a very busy film shoot. They actually had a deadline that day and Alec Christie can be seen uploading an episode in the background.

You can watch the Christie series on YouTube, facebook and with additional features at

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My name is Louie Christie and I live in London, UK. I wear many hats*. I’m an adventurous software developer, underground comedian, in my head. I’m smart, talented, and available for hire. Feel free to get in touch if you like what you see. * ‘I wear many hats’ line stolen from Dr Aleks Krotoski’s 2007 profile.

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