Edit 2018: Around 2006-2008 I was a young, enthusiastic, gloriously naive graduate spending my time travelling, studying, and making creative projects in technology and media. This blog mostly documents some of that heady period. Then I ran out of money, got jobs, signed non-disclosure agreements, and this blog dried up. One day I may post again…



My name is Louie Christie, I live in London and I work in IT and media. I put together this blog to showcase some of my more creative projects and some videos I’ve made.

In 2007 I finished both an MSc in Human-Centred Computer Systems and a graduate IT training scheme with American Express.

On deciding finance was not my cup of tea, I spent eight months working on a Canadian ski resort before moving to London and working in IT and media ever since.

This blog showcases some of my work.  I’m always open to getting involved in interesting new projects.

Feel free to get in touch if you like what you see…

Hand written Louie Christie

Louie Christie


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