Louie Christie at React Native Technology Conference in 2018


My name is Louie Christie and I live in London and work mostly on the Internet.

I’m a freelance web developer, coding coach, and underground comedian in my head.

This is a blog of my creative technology projects.

(And associated rantings.)

Around 2008 I was a young, enthusiastic, gloriously naive graduate spending my time travelling, studying, and making creative projects in technology and media.

At that time I made this blog to document some of that heady period.

Then I ran out of money, got jobs, signed non-disclosure agreements, and this blog dried up.

Ten years later in 2018, I was made redundant from one of the 90% of technology start-up companies that fail, and took the opportunity to blog, be free, freelance, and creative again.

I’m smart, talented, modest, and available for hire.

Feel free to get in touch if you like what you see…

Hand written Louie Christie Autograph

Louie Christie