Get rich slow with tech

I read a blog post from Jenny Wong* on how she’s turning around her finances.

Then I wrote a reply, but it got a bit long, so I decided to turn it into a blog post here instead:

Nice read Jenny Wong!

I like your blog post about turning around your finances.

It reminds me of the book ‘The Barefoot Investor‘ that my brother in Australia recommended to me. ‘The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guilde You’ll Ever Need‘ is a bestselling book sensation in Australia apparently.

The author reminds me a bit of the UK’s ‘Money Saving Expert‘ who pops up on ITV morning telly from time to time. (And was the boss of a woman I speed-dated once‡.) Except the Barefoot Investor is more likely to tell you your account pays ‘two parts of bugger-all’ (page 17).

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